Monthly Archives: August 2012

Let’s all live the dream!




A great musician and teacher I know used to tell a true story about once having asked a final year music student what his aspirations for the future were. Apparently, there was a considerable pause, followed by the now immortal reply:


…I’m going to buy a dog.


A few years later, tutor and ex-student meet again in the street and, sure enough, the latter is indeed accompanied by man’s best friend. The moral is…(probably)…


Don’t be afraid to live the dream.


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Hello everyone and welcome to the new site! The plan is to make things a little more interactive this time, so by all means leave a comment if you’re dropping by…


My aim is to eventually create a space, through which I can share music (mine and that of friends) and all sorts of information and discussion, with subscribers, instead of bombarding people with material that they didn’t ask for on a social networking site. Being profoundly Facebook phobic and having no idea how I even came to join LinkedIn, my hope is that folks with an interest in what I do will be able to keep in touch (even if it’s the cyber equivalent of two bearded men in fishing hats). Ideally, it will become a forum through which I can present an honest and up-to-date sample of my work as a performer, composer, and teacher.


I hope to offer to my subscribers, amongst other things: a series of studio and live recordings of solo, duo and trio work, musical scores, educational materials, discussion of equipment, great gigs or recordings anyone’s heard, a general forum for those gems of musical wisdom we occasionally pick up from our idols and peers, and a few good stories along the way!


Also, as and when the various ensembles I play in produce recordings, I hope to be able to offer my subscribers something more than what they would get simply by downloading an MP3 album from i-Tunes, say, by providing extra content, such as documentary video, musical scores, and programme notes etc. Finally, whilst it would be silly to deny the existence of a promotional element to Jamie Taylor Online, I really hope it’s not going to be all about what I’m up to – if we can build a bit of a community, then I’ll be only too happy to feature other people’s material.

Watch this space – we’ll see what happens…