Monthly Archives: January 2013

New quartet sessions scheduled for late Feb 2013; new comping tutor video available now.



Just a very quick post, to announce that the new quartet will be heading to Ilkley, Yorkshire for recording sessions at the end of February. We have a lot of new music to record and I’m anticipating it with relish rehearsals start soon. As we work, we will be overlooking the famous Ilkley Moor, bar t’at. If that doesn’t fill us with inspiration, nothing will. Watch this space for updates…


Meanwhile, and for all four of us these days, it’s back to the wonderful temple of rhythm that is Leeds College of Music, for Semester Two. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again very much. By the way, first and second years – I must say I’ve heard some great work from you all over the New Year period, both in terms of playing and composition.


There was good work across the board but especially honourable mention in dispatches to undergraduate guitarists George Fillipopoulos, Jed Cutler, Joel Stedman, and Joe Simmonds, who transcribed and performed, respectively: Coltrane’s tenor solo on “Giant Steps“, Pat Martino’s “Blue In Green“, Jarrett’s most recent “Stella By Starlight“, and Dexter Gordon’s “Cheese Cake“. Tremendous effort guys – mightily impressive stuff!


In other news, I have a new tuition video out now on “Mike’s Masterclasses“, which you can preview here.


The class is called “A Guide To Practical Comping – Part One” and its main focus is on getting started quickly with the basics of jazz comping. That said, the material covered includes things like Joe Pass-style bass-line accompaniment, and creating chord/melody phrases, all with the help of a 13-page PDF that tabs and notates everything I played. The jazz newcomer won’t be left behind, but there should be quite a lot for the more experienced player to get stuck into as well. As the title reflects, the emphasis is entirely on ideas you can take straight out on a gig. Sometimes it’s great to get into the more arcane harmonic possibilities, but that’s not the focus this time. Anyway, hope some of you can check it out!


Cheers for now!