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Part 2 of comping video lesson now on sale!


Just a quick note to announce that the second part of my instructional course “A Guide To Practical Comping” is now on sale at Mike’s Masterclasses. There’s a trailer and a detailed description there; in a nutshell, this class moves onto some more contemporary ideas such as modal voicings and symmetrical scales. The idea is basically to connect up our chord shapes to scales, so we can create melodically uninhibited comping passages over any harmonic progression. As always, if you aren’t quite sure whether it’s for you, drop me a line for further clarification.



A fantastic night in memory of Colin Watson


jamie taylor - 2 upl

On July 4th, “Outside Line” were very privileged to be part of a wonderful event to celebrate the life of jazz guitarist and Seven Jazz regular Colin Watson. We played a suite of original pieces that had been commissioned for the evening, by Jean Watson and Steve Crocker, and there were also great sets from the North Leeds Jazz Orchestra and the Matinee Band; ensembles which Colin had been a member of.


We hope to record this music in the studio at some stage; in the meantime, follow the link to some photos and videos of our set, along with a lovely account of the evening written by Colin’s close friend and fellow guitarist Joe Warburton.

dave walsh - 1 upl