Monthly Archives: October 2014

Welcome to the new look site!

There have been a few changes around here, since someone very helpfully decided to hack the site earlier this year. My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried and failed to get in touch over the last few weeks – the place has been in a right old mess.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of Mr. Tim Benjamin (thanks Tim!), we are now back to something like full strength, with a new theme and a much better homepage. You may notice that the subscription form hasn’t re-emerged, and for those of you who had already subscribed, there won’t be any more newsletters for the time being. (Somehow, I think you’ll cope…)

I’m hoping we can re-activate this feature in due course. If you would like to get in touch, the best way at present is via my email address at Leeds College of Music which is:

All the best in the meantime,