Monthly Archives: July 2015

New Mike’s Masterclasses video now on sale!


As the title says, I’ve finally got around to producing another video lesson for “Mike’s Masterclasses” – this time entitled Making The Changes – Jamie Taylor’s Approach; mainly because there was already a class called ‘Making The Changes’. Probably inevitable that there would be; it’s a pretty central area of study!

In a nutshell, my approach is that to play well over standards, what you need is not so much an arsenal of complex jazz-theory concepts, just a really good understanding of how keys and chords work. “See Dominant 7th chord symbol, play Mixolydian scale” doesn’t really constitute a good understanding, in my book…

Anyway, it’s all in the class – about 1hr27m of it. Follow the linkĀ here to see and hear more, or to place an order.

Oh, one other thing – the subscriber form for this site is working again now.

Cheers for now,