Monthly Archives: November 2015

New distance learning possibilities!


I’m currently in the process of revising the way I do distance learning and have recently agreed to become an ambassador for a new organisation called eStaccato, who provide a platform through which I hope to provide live 1-to-1 lessons at certain times of year. The eStaccato technology will allow us to to do live distance lessons, without all the audio problems associated with Skype. 

In all likelihood, my availability for live distance learning will be mainly restricted to those months outside the standard academic year when I tend to be very busy at the institutions I work for. Nevertheless, this represents a big step forward from the standard Skype lesson (which I’ve never liked and, consequently, never offered) and I’m very excited about it – drop me a line to find out the latest, or simply watch this space… 

I will, of course, still be making video products for Mike’s Masterclasses – these are the 1.5 hour extended classes, with PDFs, that you download. What eStaccato provides is a platform for live 1-to-1 distance tuition, so they’re two completely different things.

See you soon I hope,