A very fortunate situation to be in…

Some people post “Wish You Were Here?” pictures of their idyllic foreign holiday; others do the same with their dinner. Musicians, meanwhile, are often inclined to post pics of their most glamorous looking gigs (“Tonight’s office…” etc.). I try not to do that stuff too much but, nevertheless, I don’t doubt that I’ve also bored the bejaysus out of my social media friends on occasions too numerable to be catalogued.

If you’ll forgive me this one “isn’t life amazing?” indulgence though, (and, if you’re on this page, then hopefully you do have some interest in these things) I’d like to highlight something here that makes me happier than anything else I do professionally. It’s a clip of three undergraduate students on the jazz degree at Leeds College of Music playing at a recent gala concert; they are pianist Bela Horvath, double bassist Jack Garside, and drummer Luke D’Aulerio. All three, as I’m sure you’ll agree, are playing their backsides off.

These are just three of the very talented young musicians that we get to work with on a daily basis at LCoM, and to have been in that position is something I will be thankful for as long as I live. May it continue as long as my fingers and brain will allow. Thank you, not just Bela, Jack, and Luke, but to all our students past and present; if as teachers we can do half as much for you as you’ve all done for us over the years, I reckon we’ll all be satisfied with that. This post isn’t about me basking in reflected glory (well, maybe just a bit, but we’ll pretend it’s not!) – it’s really about publicly acknowledging that, in the words of Duke Ellington, I realise I’m one hell of a lucky so-and-so…

Pictures of my dinner will follow shortly.┬áHere’s the clip – enjoy and share!

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