Two new products for “Mike’s Masterclasses”

There’s probably an analogy with buses to made here, although I doubt anyone has been patiently waiting in the rain for a new JT teaching product! 

Anyway, in the vernacular of our age, I’m very pleased to be able to “drop” two new Mike’s Masterclasses classes videos, that are really very different in terms of subject matter. The first is a fun-packed romp through the infamous “Giant Steps” – the Nurburgring of jazz, attracting thrill seekers for decades and often sending them home with dents in their AMG Mercedes. Like the ‘Green Hell’, though, if we learn it carefully, there’s no need to be afraid!

Where that first class is all about one of the most famous and oft-played tunes in jazz history, however, the second provides a welcome contrast by being based on four tunes that virtually no-one has heard of, because I wrote them!

Seriously, though, the idea was to try and shift the focus a little bit onto composition and, since the only compositional process I can speak about with any authority is my own, here are four JT originals for the acoustic guitar, plus some discussion of how they came to be.

Both classes come with extensive notation, including treble clef, chord diagrams, and tablature, plus for the first time, synchronised “Soundslice” transcriptions which allow you to see exactly what you’re hearing, as you’re hearing it. Imagine the bouncy ball that keeps you on track at a karaoke night, and you get the idea.

(Having imagined that, please erase the image from your mind immediately and permanently)

As always, I’d be delighted if some of you wanted to check these out; Mike’s site has lots of different payment models now, with some generous discounts, so there’s bound to a way of doing things that suits your needs.

Over and out!

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