New distance learning possibilities!


I’m currently in the process of revising the way I do distance learning and have recently agreed to become an ambassador for a new organisation called eStaccato, who provide a platform through which I hope to provide live 1-to-1 lessons at certain times of year. The eStaccato technology will allow us to to do live distance lessons, without all the audio problems associated with Skype. 

In all likelihood, my availability for live distance learning will be mainly restricted to those months outside the standard academic year when I tend to be very busy at the institutions I work for. Nevertheless, this represents a big step forward from the standard Skype lesson (which I’ve never liked and, consequently, never offered) and I’m very excited about it – drop me a line to find out the latest, or simply watch this space… 

I will, of course, still be making video products for Mike’s Masterclasses – these are the 1.5 hour extended classes, with PDFs, that you download. What eStaccato provides is a platform for live 1-to-1 distance tuition, so they’re two completely different things.

See you soon I hope,


New Mike’s Masterclasses video now on sale!


As the title says, I’ve finally got around to producing another video lesson for “Mike’s Masterclasses” – this time entitled Making The Changes – Jamie Taylor’s Approach; mainly because there was already a class called ‘Making The Changes’. Probably inevitable that there would be; it’s a pretty central area of study!

In a nutshell, my approach is that to play well over standards, what you need is not so much an arsenal of complex jazz-theory concepts, just a really good understanding of how keys and chords work. “See Dominant 7th chord symbol, play Mixolydian scale” doesn’t really constitute a good understanding, in my book…

Anyway, it’s all in the class – about 1hr27m of it. Follow the link here to see and hear more, or to place an order.

Oh, one other thing – the subscriber form for this site is working again now.

Cheers for now,


Open for business again…

Just a very quick update on the last post – the subscription and contact forms are now back in action, which hopefully marks the end of my rebuild operation and the return of some kind of normality!

Please do sign up if you’re interested in the music; I gave away a free solo guitar album with the last newsletter (of me, unfortunately, not Joe Pass!) and you’re probably only looking at three or four mail-outs per year, in any case.

Anyway, that’s it for now – a very merry Christmas to one and all!


Welcome to the new look site!

There have been a few changes around here, since someone very helpfully decided to hack the site earlier this year. My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried and failed to get in touch over the last few weeks – the place has been in a right old mess.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of Mr. Tim Benjamin (thanks Tim!), we are now back to something like full strength, with a new theme and a much better homepage. You may notice that the subscription form hasn’t re-emerged, and for those of you who had already subscribed, there won’t be any more newsletters for the time being. (Somehow, I think you’ll cope…)

I’m hoping we can re-activate this feature in due course. If you would like to get in touch, the best way at present is via my email address at Leeds College of Music which is:

All the best in the meantime,


First review of “Introducing Outside Line”…



The “Introducing Outside Line” album now has an official release date of 28th January, from which date it will be available on Amazon and all the major download providers. In the meantime, you can obtain a copy directly from me – just drop me a line via the contact form.


An early review of the record can be found here. Many thanks to Lance Liddle of ‘Bebop Spoken Here‘ – here’s hoping for more of the same from some of the others…