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Perpetual Motion Machine

Ignition (Taccola 001)

“Keep an eye on the Leeds jazz scene – so much adventurous and interesting music coming to the surface just lately. Case in point the Perpetual Motion Machine’s latest album Ignition; it’s a band that suggest so much potential. I for one will be watching developments.”

Stuart Nicholson

“At one end, the title track arrives knee-deep in squelchy G-Funk, chicken-scratch guitar so heavily distorted it sounds like the work of some disgustingly lecherous space cockerel. At the other end you have ‘Fog Circle’, which features gently propulsive ostinati and the grandfatherly voice of ‘Skylark’ Durston. In between you have feral free improv, all wailing saxes and face melting guitars. I’m genuinely excited to hear what PMM comes up with next.”

Thomas Rees, Jazzwise 


Outside Line

Introducing Outside Line
GLP 039

Someone New Suite and Three Colours: Blues Suite show off starkly contrasting soundscapes. The former has a clear indebtedness to the likes of Paul Motian, with elements of 1970s fusion and prog, while the latter offers an alternative perspective on the blues legacy, taking in elements of swing, bop, and funk. It’s clever, engaging stuff.”
Robert Shore, Jazzwise

“The melodies are strong, the developments and arrangements constantly moving in a fresh fashion. Rural, rolling hills spaciousness (meets) harder-edged pavement urban. The album brings the many talents of the individual musicians into a sum which is even greater than its parts. You can’t ask much more of a band and its leader than that, can you?”
Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

“It’s not just the rolling hills and clear blue skies that make Yorkshire so special – as Outside Line shows, the music’s pretty wonderful too.”
Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

“Interesting compositional ideas and some fine playing by four of the most accomplished musicians in the North of England. Taylor and the quartet strike a good balance between the contemporary and the traditional. Seeing this music performed live offers an intriguing and enjoyable prospect.”
Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann

Ichthyology cover resize

Jamil Sheriff Big Band


“Sheriff’s affection for 1960s hard bop gives the soloists in a fine northern orchestra their cues; Jamie Taylor’s edgy fusion guitar burns through TTF.”
John Fordham, The Guardian

T.T.F. is a poised meeting between Jamie Taylor’s restlessly inquisitive guitar and Tori Freestone’s carefree, fluttering flute work, with exquisite mediation from the horn section”
Robert Shore, Jazzwise

“‘Future Car’ is a lively set of wheels that runs on gas rather than petrol (or for that matter hydrogen), equipped with a tantalising solo from Jamie Taylor who then digs deeper with a more extensive feature on third track ‘T.T.F’. Of the soloists Tori Freestone from Compassionate Dictatorship on flute particularly emerges well, and Taylor is a name to watch out for.”
Stephen Graham, Marlbank

“Stand-out contributions from Jamie Taylor on guitar – particularly incendiary on T.T.F.”             Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

Cat Dreams cover

Jamie Taylor and Java
Cat Dreams
GLP 025

”Cat Dreams (GLP) from guitarist Jamie Taylor & Java (with Jamil Sheriff on piano) is a very strong set played with conviction and one to buy with confidence.”
Jazz UK

“Taylor approaches each solo as a part of that particular tune, never treating a solo as separate from the song itself, a great example of this being his solo on the tune “Life After Big Sam.” His ability to keep the groove, feel and melody of any tune going during his improvisations creates a guide through each of his improvised solos. This is not to say that Taylor does not take chances and experiment, but he has an uncanny ability to navigate the listener through these more interesting moments, rather than lose them along the way. The tunes are well written, the solos creative, and the band is always groovin’ – what else could one want from a jazz guitar album?”
Just Jazz Guitar (USA)

“Jamie Taylor has become known as a young lion on the British jazz scene… With “Cat Dreams”, Taylor combines his high energy chops with a hard swingin’ rhythm section to produce an album that is sure to bring him greater recognition [in North America]… Those listeners who are looking for a new voice in the jazz guitar genre will appreciate Taylor’s fresh take on the modern guitar quartet.”
All About Jazz


Anywhere But Here
Brightside BR-009 (deleted)

“Enormously impressive…Taylor’s playing is full of ideas with a strong sense of direction, and in pianist Jamil Sheriff he has a partner of comparable inventiveness”
Jazz UK

“Something original is going on here.”
Just Jazz Guitar (USA)

“Java (is) a tight combo led by Jamie Taylor, a guitarist with a pleasant ruminative style. Possibly the most enjoyable jazz concert [Burton Agnes Jazz Festival] I have ever attended…”
The Independent


Interviews with JT:

Click here for an interview with Mark Beirne-Smith of the “Jazz Goes To Leeds” blog – the topic is the new album from “Outside Line”.

Click here for an interview with Dr. Matthew Warnock for “Guitar International”. I’m delighted to report that, since this interview was conducted, Dr. Warnock has moved to the UK; indeed, we were colleagues for a time at LCoM. Small world!

Click here for an interview with Kim Macari, on behalf of Jazz Yorkshire. Kim is part of a fantastic generation of young musicians in my region who, as well as playing fantastic music, are also devoting their time to invigorating the scene in other ways. Nuff respec’ – as they used to say…

The clip below is extracted from an interview conducted by my friend and colleague Jamil Sheriff, which was originally going to be part of a bigger promotional clip about Leeds College of Music. It may see the light of day eventually, but there were some technical issues with the sound. Here’s my two-penneth, anyway!