My pre-recorded video products are available now at www.mikesmasterclasses.com 

You can see what customers are saying about them on my ‘Testimonials’ page.

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Teaching FAQs:
1. How much do you charge?

‘In person’ lesson pricing – Sheffield, UK: (GBP Sterling)

60 mins        £40

90 mins        £50

Skype lessons same rates – please enquire. It’s working out at around €48/$55 per hour atm, I think. Be aware that, if you are using PayPal, there may be a very small additional fee involved.

2. Can you send me bespoke pre-recorded videos?

Unfortunately, this is not a service I provide. One-to-one teaching is a personal, interactive thing for me – if you can’t visit my studio in person, let’s do the next best thing! If it’s recorded material you’re after, my Mike’s Masterclasses products cover a very wide range of topics these days.

3. Do you take on beginner students?

I’m always very keen to hear from anyone with a genuine interest in playing jazz, regardless of level. Lack of experience is no obstacle really and, although it probably helps if you’ve done a bit of general guitar playing before we tackle the jazz stuff, it needn’t be a problem if you haven’t. 

4. Whereabouts in Sheffield are you?

My studio is located in a quiet residential area of Sheffield (S10 postcode), with plenty of on-street parking. For obvious reasons, I don’t give out the full address until shortly before our appointment.

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I know there are lots of great teachers around these days, some of whom have a significant online presence, but there’s so much clickbait trash now as well.
The Three Mistakes I Know You’re Making, Even Though I’ve Never Met You…” would probably do wonders for my YouTube views, but that’s never been my style. When you book a lesson with me, you can be assured of the following:


  1. I’ve taught at major UK institutions for almost 20 years, so I have many former students who are now working professionally across the music industry, several of them enjoying genuinely international careers.
  2. I regularly get up and practise what I preach in front of live audiences, with all kinds of ensembles. I don’t teach anything I haven’t used myself in a real-life situation and I firmly believe you shouldn’t say it unless you can play it.
  3. I try my best to give you the long-term answers so that you can go forward on your own, believing that a good teacher should aim to make his/her students self-sufficient as quickly as possible. You choose when you want another lesson, with no obligation to return.
  4. I tailor my teaching to each individual pupil. All my 1-to-1 lessons are inspired by what I hear coming from your guitar.
  5. I always try to generate a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn.

If that sounds appealing, then I’d love to hear from you – with no obligation, of course. JT

Again, you can see comments from some of my satisfied customers on theTestimonialspage.

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I am very happy to be associated with a number of music institutions, both online and offline, as it were!

I am a principal lecturer in jazz guitar at Leeds College of Music, the UK’s largest music college: www.lcm.ac.uk


…a visiting instrumental tutor at the University of Leeds


…and at the University of Sheffield


..and, last but definitely not least, I’m very proud to be associated with www.mikesmasterclasses.com