“Ursa Minor/Ursa Major” – Perpetual Motion Machine music video


“The Cut” – Perpetual Motion Machine, 23/08/16

“Round Midnight” – solo guitar at home, 23/09/16

“Song For The Listener” – Live at Seven Arts, Leeds 04/07/13
The ‘Outside Line’ quartet, featuring Matt Anderson, Sam Vicary, and Dave Walsh. See the “Gigs” page for live dates…


 “Cherokee” – with the Ben Lowman Nonet, 7 Arts, Leeds 15/01/12
If less really is more, then this one doesn’t score too highly, I’m afraid. But when you’re cued on a fast “Cherokee”, you don’t want to be too tasteful!

“Which One?” – original composition, with my quartet ‘Outside Line’. Seven Arts, Leeds, 04/07/13

The videos below are all trailers for the products I have made for the “Mike’s Masterclasses” website. Each one is an extract from a longer film of between 60-90 minutes duration. I’m always keen to receive requests as to topics for future classes, so please get in touch if you have any suggestions.