Good at HEART!

JT Quartet at HEART, Headingley, Leeds 20th October 2012 (L-R: JT, Garry Jackson, Dave Walsh, Matt Anderson)

JT Quartet at HEART, Headingley, Leeds 20th October 2012
(L-R: JT, Garry Jackson, Dave Walsh, Matt Anderson) Photo by Chris Midgley


Since today is the thirty-<some text missing> th anniversary of my premature entrance into the world, I am full of renewed vigour, and it’s about time I did something to demonstrate that Jamie Taylor Online is alive and well, after what can only be described as an ‘inauspicious’ start.


Within days of the site going online, the total failure of my (less than two years old) hard drive left me without a computer for over a month, and this was then followed by a period of further disruption, due to building work chez JT. In fact, as I type, someone is pouring “self-leveller” into my basement and, today being my birthday, it’s ironic that I fully intend to pour some “self-leveller” of a different kind this evening, on licensed premises of course.


In other news, my new quartet had a very nice  – and, happily, very well attended – gig last month at the wonderful HEART centre in Headingley, Leeds. We are so lucky to have places like this; if you’re in the Leeds area and you don’t know about it yet, be sure to find out – they have so much going on, including jazz workshops for all ability levels. The highlight of this trip was the “Wishing Tree” – set up in the foyer to allow Headingley residents to write their wishes for the community on coloured cards, before decorating the branches of the tree with them. After spending a few minutes chatting with the tree’s very friendly creator, I took a completed wish card from the nearest branch, and found this inscription:


I wish people wouldn’t vomit in the street.


Only the most fanatical defender of civil liberties would take issue with that sentiment and therefore let me add, on a personal note, that I would wish the same – not only for Headingley, but for any community afflicted by outbreaks of public expectoration.


Thanks so much to those of you that supported us at the gig, and I’d also like to express my gratitude to the folks that purchased my latest video on Mike’s Masterclasses; I’m very thankful indeed. Please feel free to get in touch – I still have a slight feeling that I’m talking to myself on here at the moment, but I know you’re out there, and hopefully some of you will find a moment to drop by.


That’s it for now – on with the birthday celebrations!

Enjoy your guitar playing, unless you aren’t a guitarist, in which case enjoy something else.




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