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Jamie Taylor is a

Hofner Artist

Wednesday 8th February 2023 –
Jazz @ The Lescar, Sheffield, S11 8ZF, 8.30pm

Richard Iles (flugelhorn), Jamie Taylor (guitar)

Part of a double bill with the wonderful duo of Olivia Moore (violin) and Adam Fairhall (piano), who will also feature on the night. Haven't played at The Lescar for ages, and I've missed it! Can't wait to be back, and I know Mr. Iles feels the same way. I believe we're on second, but don't count on it - there might be a coin toss on the night! Either way, there will be lovely music from 8.30pm.

Sunday 19th February 2023 –
SEBASTIAAN DEKROM TRIO –The Troubadour, London SW5 9JA, 8pm

Sebastiaan DeKrom (drums), Jamie Taylor (guitar), Jeremy Brown (bass)

This will be our Kenny Burrell/Grant Green set. Such a fantastic team of people behind these Sun/Mon gigs; do come and support them if you're ever in the area. The atmosphere and history is palpable. All the Troubadour jazz gigs are free entry, but it is worth reserving a table...

Monday 20th February 2023 –
JAMIE TAYLOR TRIO –The Troubadour, London SW5 9JA, 8pm

Jamie Taylor (guitar), Jeremy Brown (bass), Pete Whittaker (piano)

The boss (SdeK, obvs!) is otherwise engaged for this one, so I've been entrusted with leadership responsibilities. A great honour. Can't wait!

Friday 24th March 2023 –
JAMIE TAYLOR guests with the house trio –
Jazzmakers Collective @ The Lairgate Hotel, Beverley, HU17 8EP, 8.15pm

Jamie Taylor (guitar), Sean Miller (piano), Jenni Molloy (bass), Chris Sykes (drums)

Another great North Yorkshire venue with a lovely house band. So glad to be invited back; thanks all!

Thursday 13th April 2023 –
Upstairs@Ronnie's, Ronnie Scott's, Frith Street
London W1D 4HT, 7pm

Sam Dunn & Jamie Taylor (guitars)

Join Mr. Dunn and myself for what is now our fourth appearance at this legendary London venue. We are, of course, very honoured to be asked back. Booking is required, so check out the RS website here.

Friday 14th April 2023 –
The Lighthouse Tasting Rooms, Folkestone
Folkestone Harbour Arm, CT20 1QH, evening

Sam Dunn & Jamie Taylor (guitars)

A new venue to me, but not to m'colleague, for whom it is a hometown gig. This one's a restaurant, and Sam assures me the food is really excellent. So, if you're in the area, book for dinner by calling 07368498158. I don't know the set times yet, but I'm sure the venue can tell you. Two gigs on consecutive nights makes this our South East tour! ACE funding to follow surely...?

Wednesday 16th August 2023 –
JAMIE TAYLOR guests with the house trio
Scarborough Jazz Club, The Cask Inn,
Cambridge Terrace, YO11 2LQ, 8.30pm

Jamie Taylor (guitar), Bob Walker (bass), Tom Townsend (drums), Mike or Mark Gordon (piano)

Long may my Scarborough trips continue; they are always a joy. A lovely audience and an equally lovely house trio. I don't know whether it's Mike or Mark on keys this time; it has even been known for them to take turns. One thing's certain, it will be great fun whatever the combination.

Friday 10th November 2023 –
The Manor House, Ilkley, LS29 9DT, 7pm

Samuel Moore and Jamie Taylor (guitars)

Not a duo performance, but rather two contrasting solo sets - one of solo jazz guitar from yours truly, and another of solo flamenco from the superb Samuel Moore. We had an absolute blast doing this back in October last year, and the response was very encouraging, so we thought we'd go again. Two completely different but related guitar traditions on show - amazing the diversity you can get with six strings and a wooden box! Tickets are already on sale through Eventbrite, here.

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